Army Medics

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Hi,everyone my names are James Christopher and am 21 years old,born and raised in Jacksonville Florida. currently am a second year business student and i would like to join the army medic division of the US army after my college graduation. I admire the courage and perseverance they have so much and they are the people who inspire me in everything i do. Every time i go through problems i think about those medics who rescue soldiers in the middle of gun fights in places like Iraq and Afghanistan,when other soldiers retreat the army medics do the opposite,they instead move in to rescue those wounded in the process putting their own lives in jeopardy. To me this heroic acts are the true definition of courage and honor, i also love the fact that the skills gained as an army medic can be used later on in life when one becomes a civilian.
I would like to know your opinions and experiences concerning army medics,and what it takes to become one like what are the minimum qualifications needed to become an army medic? Do they go through normal army combat training just like any other soldier or they go through a specialized training of their own? These are just some of the questions i ask myself and would appreciate if you gave me your honest opinions. I would like to know the career possibilities of an army medic after retirement,i have heard some of them end up becoming good paramedics due to their strength and training,i also hear some of them even end up becoming doctors and nurses and useful members of our society. I would love to hear your opinions about this topic so feel free to get in touch with me via my contacts and again lets honor our army medics who every day save the lives of our soldiers in the front line.